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001 – Metzengerstein


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DSCN7274-fWelcome to our very first episode, where we talk about Poe’s first published tale, 1832′s Metzengerstein, a rip-roaring tale of horses, fire, reincarnation and teeth.

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Notes -

  • Spirits of the Dead Is available from Amazon and features Jane Fonda in an adaptation of Metzengerstein, although the English dub continues to elude us.
  • The Edgar Allan Poe Society have the originally published version of the text on their website, along with a more recent version.
  • There’s also a rather helpful study guide on the story here.
  • Equine vetting, is generally to two stage (normal) or five stage (professional). This website has a handy guide… no mention of checking for metempsychotic possession though; buyers beware!
  • Despite being “in imitation of the German” Germany didn’t quite exist at the time the story was written. Wikipedia has a very helpful map of the area that was to be eventually united by (among others) Otto Von Bismarck.

Please feel free to share any thoughts/comments on the story (or the show) below. Homework for next time is “The Duc De L’Omelette” and “A Tale of Jerusalem”.

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  1. Aaron N

    I thought of this after this weeks HP Podcraft podcast and was disappointed to see you beat me to it. If you fail to deliver frequent podcasts I won’t hesitate to take over the Edgar Allen Poecast name – fair warning!

  2. Lynn

    Of course the modern country of Germany hasn’t existed until modern times, but both Germans and the German language have been around a while. A group ethnically related people can be referred to as a nation. They may or may not have a country (territory).

    But more importantly, how can I subscribe in iTunes?

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