This month we’re discussing a tale of Jerusalem, entitled “A Tale of Jerusalem”, a slapstick piece with an eye-watering plethora of allusions.


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  • Think Judaism have an interesting article tracking down the real routes of the ‘Dashers’.
  • The Critical Companion to Edgar Allan Poe has a nice little breakdown of this story, including an explanation of the Latin pun at the opening.
  • This story is widely considered to be either a parody or homage to ‘Zillah, A tale of the holy city.’ It’s a bit of a mammoth read but is apparently quite impeccably researched.
  • As always Wikipedia has a helpful article, this time on the subject of shaving in Judaism.
  • The setting of this story is very vague, one possible interpretation puts it during the Bar Kokhba Revolt. Although reference is made the the Temple, suggesting it was sometime earlier.
  • Of course no reference to ‘the Holiest of Holies’ could go by without reference to this.
  • The Errand of Mercy is a podcast, they talk about stuff, it’s often quite funny.


Homework for next time is ‘Loss of Breath’ (a.k.a ‘A decided Loss’).