Jonathan Powell

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Jonathan was born in a travelling theatre troupe in rural Monmouthshire. One day he escaped his cage and, crawling through a window of the Biology department, was assumed to be either an undergraduate or an escaped specimen. Being granted the benefit of the doubt he studied for several years before dying of consumption. Since then his career has gone from strength to strength and he can often be found in the corridors of hospitals where he seeks new and interesting ways to look inside living people [with their permission of course].

Jonathan is a regular contributor to another podcast Skype of Cthulhu.

Richard Mustoe

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Richard was born in Dublin, (West London) to a mother and father, which is considered something of a novelty in the locality. In the evenings he was often seen erecting a mausoleum out of discarded marmite jars and cheese strings. This demonstration of culinary skills earned him his current position in which he spends a dozen hours a day in confines of unbearable heat and torment…

Richard is currently afflicted with a severe case of consumption although he is expected to pull through in time to take part in the world’s first transatlantic balloon crossing.

Guy Garrud

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The son of a father who succumbed to a debilitating addiction to folk music, he escaped the family homestead only to be incorporated into a Bronte novel when he got lost on the moors. Wherein he died of consumption before being resurrected by more recent writers who confusedly assumed he was based on a real person.

He currently dwells some miles to the east of hell and can be regularly found on park benches, in a consumptive state, destitute, drunk and crying the name “Khannnn!” [it’s good to have a hobby].